Matthew Floratos


This Year Collection

(Podcast, 2011–2015)

This Year Collection, which I almost immediately starting referring to as (and which eventually came to be known as) "This Year," was, I guess, a podcast about podcasts. I took podcasts I liked, picked my favorite parts from a particular time span (usually a year, but sometimes a month or a quarter), and then chopped and tacked and made a best-of compilation out of it. It got way more popular than I expected, and the warmth and support from fans was heartwarming and truly lovely. Eventually I found I no longer had the time to maintain the show, so I ended it in 2015. The full show is available in an archive. Read more.


Strictly Underground Music

(Podcast, 2015–2016)

Following This Year, I had the privilege of working with the tremendously talented DJ Deeka (Massimiliano Alessandrini) on the Strictly Underground Music podcast, a top-five countdown of the week's best underground electronic music. I was honored to narrate the show, while DJ Deeka handled the production, editing, and mastering. It was a show that was very dear to me, and I'm proud of what we achieved together. But the most valuable aspects of the project were the time spent in the studio with my partner-in-crime, and the year-and-a-half long introduction to (and education in) house music. Undoubtedly DJ Deeka and I will work together on much more in the future. You can listen to old episodes of our show on the show's SoundCloud page, or visit the show's website.


Other appearances and minor projects


  • In 2013 and 2014 I made a number of appearances on the Pinstripe Alley podcast (a sports podcast about the New York Yankees).
  • Prior to 2013, I recorded about ten episodes of a one-man opinion podcast about video games. I was a kid, and it was as bad as it sounds. I don't think I have the masters of that show anywhere, but if I did I'd burn them.


  • Between 2013 and 2015 I was a contributor to Pinstripe Alley, a sports blog about the New York Yankees. My posts are still viewable there (now with the byline "loadtimes," my username on the website).
  • Between 2011 and 2013 or so (there or thereabouts—it was so long ago that the dates are a little murky for me) I was a contributor to Screened, an editorial/wiki hybrid site about film and television (originally it was a Whiskey Media website in the style of Giant Bomb and Comic Vine, but was purchased and eventually shuttered by BermanBraun).